Acquisition data example (PET)

Acquisition data example (PET)

This experiment was conducted to demonstrate the analysis of organic matter on organic matter, a specialty of photodetachment analyzers.
As an example, we analyze oil contamination on PET. The figure below is the photodetachment data of PET at room temperature.
PET is composed of double bonds, so it has no detached component.
The noted mass number as well as the pressure in the ultra-high vacuum chamber has not changed, confirming the absence of desorbed components.


図1 PETの光脱離データ

Fig 1 PET PSD data

The figure below shows an example of forced contamination of PET and analysis of the contamination.
Focusing on m/z29, the charts of PET only and contaminated PET are compared.
it is clear that analysis of organic compounds on organic compounds, which has not been possible in the past, becomes possible.


図2 汚染PETとの比較データ

Fig 2 Comparison data with contaminated PET

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