Measurement services

Measurement services

In addition to the manufacture and sale of TDS equipment, we also offer measurement services.

As a manufacturer with many years of experience specializing in TDS equipment, we can make use of our accumulated know-how, perfectly-maintained equipment, and skilled operators to help resolve customer material issues


Measurement service workflow

STEP1 Inquiry

Simply call thw sales department, or enter the necessary information into the inquiry form and submit it on-line.

Please indicate the purpose of the measurement, sample information (shape, dimensions, material, etc.), and measurement conditions as fully as possible.


  Make an inquiry



STEP2 Estimate

We will issue an estimate of the measurement fee based on the information provided.


STEP3 Payment of fees

If you agree to the content described in estimate, submit a payment of the fee.


STEP4 Measurement date reservation/Sample delivery

After receipt of the payment is confirmed, a measurement time will be reserved.

Send your sample. (must arrive before the scheduled measument date)


STEP5 Data delivery

Date will be sent to you approximately 1 week after the measurement date.

※Please note that the time may vary depending on the work load at the time.


STEP6 Sample return

The provided sample will be returned.



Infrared TDS 2 units
IH-TDS 1 unit


Hydrogen standard sample measurement
Argon standard sample measurement
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