Rotary pump oil replacement procedure

  • Rest (Stop) the instrument according to the manual.
  • Make sure that the rotary pump (RP) main body is cold.
  • Remove the nuts affixing the RP (4 locations), quick clamp, metal connector, and temperature fuse; then, remove the RP from the chassis.
  • Open the oil inlet.
  • Arrange the oil drain so that there will be no spilled oil and open the drain. Please note that the oil comes out at once.
  • When the oil is drained, close the oil drain.
  • Supply the specified amount of oil from the oil inlet.
  • Close the oil inlet and assemble in the reverse order.


  • The used oil may contain highly toxic substances, so protective eyewear and gloves that are resistant to oils and chemicals must be worn when replacing the oil.
  • Apply a protective sheet to the floor so that there is no oil spattered when the RP is lowered.
  • Immediately after the RP operation is stopped, the oil may be quite hot, and there is a risk of burns.
  • Dispose of oil properly.
  • Do not use any oil other than our supplied oil or manufacturer's pure oil.
  • Be careful not to drop the RP, as it is heavy.
  • IThe oil change work should be performed by an experienced service person.


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